See you at BVM in Braunschweig

Our group will be represented with 8 contributions at the BVM workshop (

There will be five talks, two of them are short-listed * for the best paper award:

  • Frauke Wilm: Pan-tumor CAnine CuTaneous Cancer Histology (CATCH) Dataset [paper]
  • Frauke Wilm: Multi-scanner Canine Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Histopathology Dataset [paper]
  • Jonas Ammeling: Attention-based Multiple Instance Learning for Survival Prediction on Lung Cancer Tissue Microarrays [paper]
  • Jonathan Ganz*: Deep Learning-based Automatic Assessment of AgNOR-scores in Histopathology Images [paper]
  • Marc Aubreville*: Deep Learning-based Subtyping of Atypical and Normal Mitoses using a Hierarchical Anchor- free Object Detector [paper]

Further, we will have two posters:

  • Marc Aubreville: The MIDOG Challenge 2021: Mitosis Domain Generalization in Histopathology Images [paper]
  • Ludwig Lausser: Limits of Human Expert Ensembles in Mitosis Multi-expert Ground Truth Generation [paper]

Last and not least, we will have a software demo:

  • Jonas Utz: McLabel: A Local Thresholding Tool for Efficient Semi-automatic Labelling of Cells in Fluorescence Microscopy [paper]

The full program is available here.




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