Generating deep insights from microscopy images.

The Research Group

We are a joint venture between the research groups of Katharina Breininger (FAU) and Marc Aubreville (THI).

Katharina Breininger


Head of the AIMI Lab at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

Marc Aubreville


Head of the Medical Imaging Research Group at TH Ingolstadt

The AIMI group

The Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging (AIMI) group focusses on interdisciplinary questions in medical imaging across applications and modalities by developing robust & reliable machine learning approaches, including and beyond microscopy. We are especially interested in advancing computational methods for intraoperative & multimodal imaging and machine learning in the context of microscopy. Additionally, we work on fundamental aspects in machine learning: we develop tools for efficient labelling and data set generation, investigate the impact of human behaviour in this process, and research methods for label-efficient learning.

Team members (see also here for a list including MA/BA students and former members):

The Ingolstadt Medical Imaging Group

The Ingolstadt Medical Imaging Group (IMIG) focuses on bringing AI-based solutions to the application in the clinical environment. This includes the very relevant question around inducing bias into the medical decision process and other use case topics. We are working in close collaboration with pathologists and radiologists and investigate robustness and the expert centric AI workflow. Further, we investigate solutions for computer-aided labelling to curate large-scale data sets, with special focus on dataset quality amidst inter-rater discrepancy and potential biases induced by a computer-aided workflow.

Team members: